Benefits of Donating to CentrePeace

Because CentrePeace is funded entirely by what we sell, your donations help to ensure the continuation of programs that serve an underprivileged population. Our mission and programs aim to help individuals successfully return to society after a period of incarceration.

The deck is stacked against people who are incarcerated. While on the inside, they have no way to earn money to provide for their families. Their jobs may not be waiting for them when they return. They may lose their housing while incarcerated. Because of this, their releases are often delayed because they cannot fulfill the requirements for an early release. Your donations give our trainees the opportunity to learn skills so they can be successful upon their release and reconnect with society. 

Donating your furniture and home goods is also a great way to divert perfectly usable items from the landfill. Your items don’t have to be in mint condition — we rehab, refinish, and refurbish. We upcycle and recycle. Some items we take in from donations will be repurposed in-house to something completely different.