How to Donate to CentrePeace

Donations can be dropped off behind the store Tues-Sat 9AM-3PM no appointment necessary. 

The CentrePeace truck is available for pickups within Centre County Tues-Fri 9AM-3PM. Our truck is in different towns on specific days of the week. Please be sure to put the street address on the form below so we can provide accurate days available in your location.

When you donate, we will provide you with a form to give to the IRS to write off the donation. You are responsible for reporting the value of the item to the IRS. 

If you live in Centre County and can’t transport your used furniture to our store in Bellefonte, we can arrange for our delivery truck to pick up your item. We can even help you remove it from your house. Our staff is trained to handle your donation items with care. We can also provide donation forms for your goods during pickup.

All furniture and home goods are thoroughly inspected and cleaned before it reaches the showroom floor. 

Deep Cleaning

Every piece of furniture that touches our showroom floor has been thoroughly inspected and deep cleaned. We don’t accept furniture, mattresses, or household goods that show any evidence of bugs. 

CentrePeace is licensed to resell mattresses. Pennsylvania state law requires that all mattresses receive a special cleansing and sanitizing wash.

We also use a sanitizing wash on all upholstered furniture we receive.

*We cannot accept mattresses that have significant stains or in poor shape. Donations from hotels and other hospitality facilities are welcome.

Donation Form

List any items you have to donate here.

Please upload JPG or PNG images under 10 megabytes in file size.