Learn a Skill

We refer to the incarcerated individuals who work with us as “trainees.” All trainees have our trust when they walk in the door — they don’t have to earn it. We provide a nonjudgmental space for both patrons and trainees.

We work with our trainees to teach them both practical working skills such as working with tools as well as communication skills like nonviolent resolution.

When trainees first come to us, we find out what skills they already have and any physical limitations. We also find out what they are interested in learning during their time with CentrePeace. 

The first thing all trainees learn is how to professionally move furniture on the store floor and our moving truck. Trainees can then learn other skills, like cleaning furniture or completing minor repairs. Our trainees also have the opportunity to work in our in-house refinishing shop for more complicated repairs or even converting a piece of furniture into something entirely new.

Throughout this process, our trainees work side by side with our store employees and volunteers to learn the value of trust and respectful communication.